Consultation with Dr. Gore for Patients Coming From Outside Pune City

For patients coming from outside Pune to consult Dr. Satishchandra Gore please read carefully below: (Reading time:5-10 mins.)

If your want to come to Pune just for consultation and go back to your native place, please go to the contact us page and call the respective clinic and take appointment.

When you consider coming to Pune for opinion from Dr. Gore or likely further treatment which may be in the form of surgery please kindly note that we value your time, we also value your concern. For us to help you better we definitely need to understand your problem and sometime because your suffering is of a long duration for us to understand it fully it may not be possible in few minutes. So to improve our understanding and analysis of your problem and certainty of the outcome of our intervention we advise you to do the procedure give below so that even before you come we will have a better understanding of your suffering. Also if you are going to be ready and prepared to take the surgical decision immediately please indicate in your communication saying that after the doctor has seen me and if the doctor feels it necessary that the surgery has to be done I am ready for the surgery because the decision for surgery involves scheduling of the surgery, booking of the Operating Theater for you, getting investigations done, etc. Such decisions cannot be rushed unless it is a live saving emergency. Most of the surgeries we do are planned surgeries so it would be better if we do our job in a systematic and disciplined way. We hope that you understand and co-operate so that we can give you better results.

So, if you also want to get your surgery done on the next day of your visit to Pune please do the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your personal email account.
  • Copy the below questions in a new message:
  1. Patient’s Name, Age, Weight
  2. Patient is Residing in which City/Country, Phone number.
  3. Is there pain, numbness, tingling and/or burning sensation?
  4. Where is the pain, numbness, tingling and/or burning sensation? Please pinpoint the area.
  5. Since how many days/months/years is the pain, numbness, tingling and/or burning sensation?
  6. When do you feel these symptoms – while sitting on chair, sitting cross-legged, standing, walking, sleeping?
  7. For how long can you sit, stand, walk, sleep without feeling the pain, numbness, tingling and/or burning sensation? For example, can walk for 50 meters/20 steps, etc.
  8. What happens next? for example…can walk for 20 steps and then loose balance and need to sit down, etc.
  9. Please also inform if you have Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Heart diseases, undergone any previous surgeries or any other problem.
  • Under each question write a very detailed answer. Please do not write one word or one line answer. Please state your symptoms, not your or some other doctor’s diagnosis! 
  • Please understand that Dr. Gore has not seen you, nor is he talking with you to cross question and understand your problem, so write as descriptive and detailed answers as possible. The better explanation you give, the easier it will be for Dr. Gore to give a tentative solution to your problem.
  • Attach the following in the same email:
  2. X-Ray FILMS
  3. A photograph of the patient in a standing position – with a finger pointing to the area of pain. (If the patient is not able to stand, please take a photograph in a sitting or sleeping position – in such a case please state that the patient is unable to stand)
  • Please do not attach MRI or X-Ray reports.

     Please understand that the MRI and/or X-ray technician does not ask about your symptoms, does not examine you, does not treat you and does not do surgery.

     Hence, the reports do not state everything that Dr. Gore needs to know from the films. So please do not attach reports. Dr. Gore does not see reports, he needs to see the films.

     Please take clear photographs of the films, preferably against a lighted white background so that the image can be seen clearly and attach it.

  • Please send email to [email protected]
  • In the subject line please state patient name and city and send it to us.
  • Please allow 48 hours for a reply to be sent to you. An immediate reply may not be possible as Dr. Gore / his team maybe in surgery or OPD or out of Pune.
  • Once Dr. Gore has seen the email, he will give a tentative advise of what can be done. Please note: This is a tentative advise. Only after personal physical examination of patient by Dr. Gore , the medical treatment plan will be confirmed.
  • If surgery is tentatively advised we will send you an email within 48 hours stating:
  1. No. of days of stay in hospital
  2. Approximate estimated cost of surgery
  3. Pre-operative investigations (Please do these investigations at your home town and get them with you when you consult with Dr. Gore )
  4. Hospital Location Map and Online Bank Transfer details

Please understand that Dr. Gore is out of Pune on some days. Also patients book surgery dates beforehand so his surgery schedule is predetermined, so please confirm the dates when Dr. Gore is available for surgery before making your bus/train/flight travel ticket booking.

  • Please note: Dr. Satishchandra Gore needs to see the patient at least one day before surgery date, in the morning time before 11.30am. So please book your tickets in such a way that you reach here in the morning and you are able to consult him before 11:30am.
  • After consultation – if surgery is confirmed by Dr. Gore you will have to go to the hospital immediately for pre-anesthesia check-up and admission. Hospital address is : Oyster & Pearl Hospital. Address: 402/A, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Shivaji Co operative Housing Society, Bhageerath, Gokhalenagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411016. Google Map link:
  • If all your investigations are okay and you are fit for surgery then your surgery is scheduled for next day, as planned.
  • Once you are prepared, you can call us on +919420483107 to fix the date of your visit to Pune.
  • If the surgery is just for the disc i.e. endoscopy surgery then you get discharged the next day of surgery by 12 noon. So the hospital stay is of 2 days (or rather 2 nights). For example if you consult Dr. Gore on Tuesday, surgery is on Wednesday, then discharge will be by 12 noon on Thursday.
  • If the surgery is for the disc and for the stabilization of the  bones i.e 1. endoscopy surgery for the disc and 2. fixation of implants for stabilization of the spine, then the total hospital stay is of 5 days (or rather 5 nights). For example if you consult Dr. Gore on Tuesday, surgery is on Wednesday, then discharge will be by 12 noon on Sunday.
  • The patient can travel on the same day of discharge. Please refer to for more information on travel.
  • After reaching home, the patient needs to take bed rest for 10 days. In these 10 days, the patient may get up to use the toilet, sit and eat meals. However the patient does not need to unnecessarily walk, stand, sit and move. After about 10 days of rest which allows for adequate healing time for the back, the patient may get up and start moving around in the house. The patient needs to be house bound for 1 month from the date of surgery.
  • Major healing of the disc happens within the first 4 to 6 weeks of surgery, hence care needs to be taken by the patient.
  • Please note: You will have to apply for leave from work for a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of surgery.
  • The decision to undergo surgery is a shared decision by the Doctor and the Patient. Hence, it is important for the patient to understand that even though it is endoscopic surgery it is his/her responsibility to read, understand and follow post-operative instructions of care and not to carelessly disregard these instructions after surgery.
  • Please go through for more information.
  • Please also go through the surgery videos to understand the step-by-step procedure.

If you wish to have a video consultation with Dr. Gore , please send the above information via email.
Also state that you are willing to go ahead with video consultation. We will then share details regarding video consultation consent, Skype ID and payment details. 

** Please note : For video consultation please first send details via email as mentioned above.

Disclaimer: Please note that this initial email consultation is for convenience sake only so that if you have to come to Pune for surgery, you can come prepared for the surgery, for the number of days of stay and also financially. This email consultation is not the final medical treatment plan advise by Dr. Satishchandra Gore . Final medical treatment plan will be advised only after Dr. Satishchandra Gore physically examines the patient in person. 

Disclaimer for Telephonic, Video and Email Advice:
The telephonic, video and / or email advice tendered by me/us on your request is to be taken as only preliminary and only as a guidance, because it is solely based on your interpretation of your medical symptoms and your / your medical/paramedical personnel’s evaluation of signs (clinical findings). This is no substitute to actual personal interview and physical evaluation, which are golden standards in medical diagnosis and management. It is solely given on humanitarian grounds and in good faith and it is mandatory to seek help from a registered medical practitioner at the earliest, by physically being presented to him. As this advice is based on your interpretation of symptoms and signs (or may be from someone else medical / paramedical) and maybe with virtual report / images, there are inherent limitations. Hence the advisor of this telephonic, video and/or email opinion / treatment suggestions will not assume any type of liability, including medical, legal, medicolegal, though you may have paid for this humanitarian service provided on your request and for your need / convenience.

To Consult Dr. Satishchandra Gore please Contact Us.

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