Send your inputs to Dr. Gore and read following explanatory notes for Patients

Disclaimer for Telephonic, Video and Email Advice:
The telephonic, video and / or email advice tendered by me/us on your request is to be taken as only preliminary and only as a guidance, because it is solely based on your interpretation of your medical symptoms and your / your medical/paramedical personnel’s evaluation of signs (clinical findings). This is no substitute to actual personal interview and physical evaluation, which are golden standards in medical diagnosis and management. It is solely given on humanitarian grounds and in good faith and it is mandatory to seek help from a registered medical practitioner at the earliest, by physically being presented to him. As this advice is based on your interpretation of symptoms and signs (or may be from someone else medical / paramedical) and maybe with virtual report / images, there are inherent limitations. Hence the advisor of this telephonic, video and/or email opinion / treatment suggestions will not assume any type of liability, including medical, legal, medicolegal, though you may have paid for this humanitarian service provided on your request and for your need / convenience.

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