Stitchless, Screwless, Scarless Endoscopic
Spine Surgery under Local Anesthesia for
Back pain, Hip pain, Knee pain,
Heel pain, Sciatica, Claudication
by Dr. Satishchandra Gore

Say “YES” to Endoscopy Surgery

Say “NO” to 
Open or Laminectomy Surgery…

Watch Video to Find –
How Open or Laminectomy
may be harmful for you…

Dr. Satishchandra Gore

Dr. Gore is the first surgeon in India to start endoscopic spine surgery in the year 1999. He is THE pioneer in India.

He can provide accurate diagnosis and precise treatment for back pain, hip pain, knee pain, heel pain, sciatica, claudication.

He has evolved this surgery and developed the Gore System of Surgery, which is a mathematical, precise and SAFE method of surgery under local anesthesia in an awake and aware patient.

Talk by Dr. Satishchandra Gore
Vikhe Patil Medical College for Doctors at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Date: February 2018.
( Dr. Gore has spoken in both Marathi and English language)


Dr. Satishchandra Gore, from the year 2000, has selflessly devoted himself to spreading the knowledge of “Accurate Analysis and Precise Diagnosis of Pain Generators” (which has resulted in the Gore System for Endoscopic Spine Surgery) for the benefit of the common man, who otherwise has to unnecessarily undergo unwanted and morbid treatment plans for his/her pain.

His endeavor to teach and spread his vast knowledge and his system of Endoscopy Stitchless Spine Surgery under Local Anesthesia to other Doctors all over the world, has taken the shape of MISSION SPINE™.  His 19 years of tireless effort has enabled MISSION SPINE™ to spread it’s wings wide and is gaining more momentum day by day.

If you would like to know about the associate doctors of MISSION SPINE™ all over the world, or if you do not reside in Pune and would like to know the location and visit a nearby associate doctor of MISSION SPINE™ you can get the details on the MISSION SPINE™ MAP

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